We are still in the exploration and application phase but that doesn’t mean you can’t get stoked now. Soon you can enjoy the fabulous inland coastal powder of the Lillooet Ranges, situated east of Harrison Lake and only 2 hours from Vancouver. The south end of our tenure is within 40 miles of Mt Baker, the world record holder for the most snow in one season. With average temperatures 2 degrees colder than Whistler, it’s a great recipe for large snowfalls. Worried about weather days? No matter, our tenure stretches over 50 miles from end to end and includes a drier, colder region along the Fraser Canyon.

Founded in 2016, Harrison Lake Heli-Skiing is a division of Compass Heli Tours. Both companies are the brainchild of owner, Nicolas Drader. Harrison Lake Heli-Skiing was created to fulfill the need for winter helicopter adventures in the Coast Mountains. With the help of a local ski guide, Paul Berntsen, a plan was hatched to scout and identify ski terrain in the Harrison Lake region. Fast forward to today, and we have over 50 named runs with hundreds more that have never been skied before. With 125,000 hectares of ski terrain and 3 accommodation options, there’s sure to be something right for you. Follow along with us on Instagram as we continue to pioneer new ski areas.